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Vanilla White Tea: 

Our Vanilla White Tea is anything but basic! Rich, yet light, with the perfect amount of naturally occuring caffeine means this is your new all day go-to drink. Built on a base of organic white peony tea with an aromatic vanilla scent, this refreshing, blissful cup will soon be your new favorite indulgence. For an even sweeter afternoon treat – try it iced with just a splash of milk

Nutrition & Ingredients:

  • Caffeine Level: Low
  • Calories: 30, Carb: 6g, Sugar: 6g
  • Organic Raw Cane Sugar, Organic Vanilla Extract, Organic White Peony Tea, and No Additives or Artificial Flavorings

Chocolate Earl Grey: 

How could we possibly improve a classic like Earl Grey Tea? By adding in the flavor of chocolate to create a rich, creamy tea without any heaviness. This bold but lightly sweetened tea will have your senses kicking into overdrive! The aroma of chocolate starts as soon as you add the water to your cup. Add in the royal flavor of Earl Grey Tea, with it’s moderate caffeine level and you have a tea strong enough to conquer any meeting, toddler, or event that life throws in your way!

Nutrition & Ingredients:

  • Caffeine Level: Medium-High
  • Calories: 25, Carb: 6g, Sugar: 6g
  • Natural Oil of Bergamot, Organic Black Tea, Organic Cocoa Powder, Organic Earl Grey Tea, Organic Raw Cane Sugar, and No Additives or Artificial Flavorings

How to Prepare:

Tea Drops are organic, finely ground whole leaf teas, pressed into a cute shape.  The drop dissolves in boiling water but you will notice some finely ground tea leaves at the bottom of your cup. These plant-based fibers are meant to be consumed. Swirl cup gently while consuming to capture every fiber-rich sip, or you can filter them out if they are not your thing.


Chocolate Earl Grey, Vanilla White Tea

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