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Cocktail Infusions


Handcrafted Cocktail Infusions made in Bellville, Texas by several mothers, daughters and friends who roll up their sleeve, slice, dice and dehydrate the freshest produce and bake flavor-infused organic sugar to help you carry The Southern Spirit into your home, or to share with others.

1. Simply fill your jar with your favorite Spirit and refrigerate

2. Infuse for three days

3. After three days, shake, pour a shot into a glass and add your favorite mixer!  Voila, you have up to 10 cocktails!

INFUSE TWICE! Strain liquid leaving fruit in the jar and fill it back up with your spirit and repeat the steps again! Each Infuse Jar makes up to 20 cocktails, if you infuse twice.

Each Cocktail Infusion includes a QR code on the label, making it simple to access step-by-step instructions and a variety of recipes for each flavor.

Old Fashioned: Angostura Bitters-Infused Orangic Non-GMO Sugar, Cherry, and Orange. Infuses best with your favorite Bourbon or Rye Whiskey

Grapefruit Blush: Orange-Infused Organic Non-GMO Sugar, Grapefruit, and Lime. Infuses best with your favorite Vodka or Tequila.

Citrus Berry: Orange-Infused Organic Non-GMO Sugar, Blackberry, Strawberry, and Orange. Infuses best with your favorite Vodka or Tequila.

Pineapple Show Down: Pineapple Sundown Cocktail Infusion boasts flavors of pineapple, cherry and vanilla-infused organic sugar.


Citrus Berry, Grapefruit Blush, Old Fashioned, Pineapple Sundown

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